VIDEO: Gardiner Home Falls Into Yellowstone River During Unprecedented Flooding

Home Falling into the Yellowstone River

Source: YouTube channel ViralHog

This heartbreaking footage captures the moment a home succumbs to the rapids of the Yellowstone River. 

On June 13, 2022, parts of Montana experienced extreme flooding causing chaos in Yellowstone National Park (YNP) and towns surrounding the river. Bridges and homes have been swept away from mother nature’s destruction. 

According to the video’s author, “from heavy rain, the river undercut the banks below the home. The individuals living in the home had one hour to get out, and within 8 hours the home was lost in the river.” 

Home Floats Down the Yellowstone River

Source: YouTube channel ViralHog

Roads have been washed out and destroyed, leaving Montanans in a state of disaster. Gardiner, Red Lodge, Cooke City, and parts of YNP have been devastated by the vicious path of the swollen river. These three towns, in particular, are frequented by tourists coming to see the beautiful and unique landscape of Yellowstone Park in the summer months.

In addition to the damage done to Yellowstone, leaving residents and officials questioning if the north part of the park will open up at all this summer, the Beartooth Highway has washed out in multiple areas, which will need extensive restoration before reopening the highway for visitors. 

Montanans from far and wide have offered monetary donations to help the locals affected by the flood. If you’d like to donate, please visit Greater Gallatin United Way, Montana Red Cross, or Red Lodge Area Community Foundation

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