VIDEO: Gigantic Herd of Elk Crosses Road in Paradise Valley

It's special enough to see a big herd of elk cross the road in Montana, but to see it against such a stunning backdrop really makes our day. Just look at the way the mist shrouds the mountains - even a grey day in Paradise Valley, in our opinion, puts the sunniest day just about anywhere else to shame. But we're hardly impartial. 

We've seen big herds before, and this one is definitely pretty good-sized. 
In the words of the man who shot the video, "This took place in the Paradise Valley, Montana, on highway 89 near mill creek. I was coming home from a successful elk hunt on Friday morning January 29th 2021 about 9am, when I saw these elk running next to the road. I slowed down so I wouldn't keep them from crossing the highway. Once they started crossing, I edged closer to get a better video. Elk is easily my favorite animal to see in the wild, so this was amazing to watch."

We always love to see them go over the hump of the road like that - if you squint, they kind of look like a giant centipede. 

Have you ever seen a herd this big? Bigger?

See the whole video below: 

Source: Youtube channel ViralHog

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