VIDEO: Have You Ever Heard a Whitetail Buck Snort This Loud?

A hunter in Mississippi had a remarkable encounter with a Whitetail buck, resulting in one very irritated male.  We've never heard a whitetail deer snort this loud, have you? 

In the hunter's own words: "I was Deer Hunting in Lowndes County, Mississippi on a cold December morning. My son had seen some rutting deer activity in this area and told me I ought to give it a try. He and my other son had gone duck hunting that morning or he would have been there himself. Just before catching this deer on video, I had already had an encounter with a 'hot' doe that came by me at 5 yards. This was also the reason why this deer was not so happy to see me because he was on the trail of this doe and I guess I messed up his plans for the day."

You can see the jets of steam coming out of his nostrils as the rutting male expresses his disgust with the situation.  Everything about his body language says that he's mad as hell: the stomping, the posturing, and those tremendous snorts. 

Have you ever seen a whitetail buck this riled up?  

See the whole video below!

Source: Youtube channel Viralhog

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Robert Robertson (not verified) , Thu, 12/17/2020 - 04:57
Yes I have heard them snort that loud but that was a great video
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