VIDEO: Herd of Bison Get Spooked, Break Car's Windshield

The slightest thing can set off a herd of cattle - or bison.  The most famous example from pop culture is probably the John Wayne classic "Red River," in which a cowboy with a sweet tooth sneaks a little sugar out of the chuck wagon, knocking over a handful of pots and pans, resulting in a stampede in which a man is trampled.  And while this wouldn't quite qualify as a stampede, when a couple of thousand tons of bison are rushing past, you might not be able to come up with a better term. 

In this case the herd is set off by a truck's backup alarm.  Soon the cars are engulfed in bison, and our videographers have some near misses.  

"Bro - WHAT?" one of the people in the car exclaims.  

And then, as one of the bison takes the corner around the car a little close, the man filming says, "...don't, don't, don't, don't."

Luckily for them, that bison doesn't hit the car.  Unluckily, another one does a moment later; just a tap, but enough to put a network of cracks in the corner of their windshield.  Hope they have bison insurance!

As a side note, if you are planning to film bison as they smash into your car, gore you, or otherwise pulverize you, please remember to film horizontally. 

See the whole video (with profanity helpfully bleeped out) below!

Source: Youtube channel Caters Clips

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