VIDEO: Lovesick male lynx courts female with weird call

Aw love.  It makes fools out of us all, doesn't it?  It makes us do things we wouldn't usually do, say things we wouldn't usually.  It also makes us make strange noises in the middle of the road - weird caterwauling noises to raise the hackles of whoever listens!  Right?  Isn't that universal and relatable?

Filmed near Quebec, this video was filmed by someone who was driving by in their car when they saw a pair of lynx behind them.  They rolled down the window to listen, and they hear the male making overtures at what he hopes will become his mate. 

As the person filming backs the car up (and the lynxes let the car get surprisingly close, which reminds us that love gives us blinders), you hear the noise get louder.  It's not a noise you hear very often unless you happen to live in close proximity to a randy lynx. 

Mating season for lynxes is between February and March.  This video was filmed in early April, a bit late for the mating season, but not unheard of.  Though the otherworldly howl sounds aggressive, male lynx, when fighting, make a noise that sounds unnervingly like a human woman's screaming, less sing-song and love-sick than this noise. 

See the whole video below!

Source: Youtube and Viral Hog

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