VIDEO: Forget Mice or Woodchucks - Bears Under Your Deck Are Worse

Brown bear under deck

Isn't living in the west amazing?  Where other homeowners in less spectacular portion of the world have to contend with roach or rat infestations, we are so much luckier.  No, we get to find creatures of power and majesty under our decks, creatures that could rip your face off with one errant swipe. 

One Lake Tahoe resident found a simply enormous black bear under his porch, along with a whole mess of bear poop.  The editorial staff of Distinctly Montana makes this same joke on every bear video, so we beg your forgiveness, but: it seems bears don't ONLY poop in the woods.  They also like a good porch dump.

Bear under deck
Source: Youtube

And just as surely as we're cranky when you wake us from our nap, this bear is more than a little peeved to be harassed while it's trying to have a sit.  He makes warning noises, and a couple of times, scratches the dirt with his paws.  When that happens, it's lightning-fast and more than a little scary.  We jumped. 

As the guy shooting the video says, he's only getting a video before he finally chases the bear off, which he does by getting up on the desk and stomping.  At that point, the bear reluctantly leaves, but before turning back as it to say to the homeowner: "have fun cleaning up my dung."

See the whole video below!

Source: Youtube

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Regina Griffin (not verified) , Sun, 07/11/2021 - 13:15
I really like all of the nature videos.
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