VIDEO: Moose Chases Dog, Then Dog Chases Moose

Dogs love to chase things.  It's hard-wired into their DNA.  Show them a car, or a squirrel, and many of them can't help themselves; they tear after the darn thing instinctually. 

But this dog nearly gets himself in over his head when he chases a moose that came onto his owner's property.  And before he knew it, in an inversion of the classic scenario, the moose was chasing him. 

Filmed in Alaska by two men watching from the cab of a pickup, the video shows the moose and the dog engaged in their own curious dance.  You get the feeling that the dog might just be having some fun, but the moose is playing for keeps.  You can tell when, about halfway through the video, the moose lashes out with a nasty kick that, had it connected, might have cut the game short for everyone.

But the dog is nonplussed and even demonstrates his playfulness by crossing back and forth in front of the moose as if to say "na na na, you can't catch me."  And pretty soon, the dog finds himself behind the moose once more, and he gives as good as he gets it.  We can't help bu think of one of those old Benny Hill comedy bits, where first one and then the other chase each other. Of course, in this case, neither of them is in a bikini.

To paraphrase what one of the men says the other, that's one heck of a hunting dog. 

Watch the whole video below!

Source: Youtube and Viral Hog

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