VIDEO: Nail Biting Indian Relay Race

Indian Relay Starting Line

On June 18, 2022, the second wave of the Indian Relay at Emerald Downs, WA, lined up to start the race. If you’ve never seen an Indian Relay, this is one of the most exciting races you can watch as the riders ride bareback and make exchanges each time around the track having to be practiced and precise with their mounts and dismounts. 

Indian Relay Racers

Image courtesy of Youtube channel Emerald Downs

Montana was lucky enough to have a few different teams and even placed second and third in the Championship race. Crow Agency’s team, River Road, came in second with the rider Tristan Bird in Ground, while Browning’s team, Carlson Relay, came in third with rider Chazz Racine. In this video, you see Racine in yellow as he leads the pack of other riders around the track. 

If you have the chance this summer, watch an Indian Relay as it’ll be the best race you’ll see. 

Watch the video below!

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