VIDEO: Pair of Videos Show World Famous Grizzly 399 and Cubs!

Griz 399 and cubs
Source: Youtube

When it comes to famous bears, it's a relatively short list: Pooh, Yogi, Paddington, Baloo, and of course, their queen: Griz 399. 

Grizzly 399 has been called "the most famous grizzly bear in the world," with her own social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram. She is also the subject of a children's book published in May 2020.  She draws adoring crowds, not to mention "oohs" and "ahs" nearly everywhere she goes. 

At 24, she is also a very mature mother, having borne generations of cubs and grandcubs already.  She is also famously a good mother, most often seen patiently leading her cubs across roads near Grand Teton. 

Any sighting is room for celebration.  But what makes both of these videos particularly nice to see is that there are no huge crowds attending to her.  Because as any very famous person must know, fame can get old pretty quick. 

So its nice to see Griz 399 able to relax with the brood and just chill out.  After all, bears deserve rest and relaxation as much as the next guy!  See the videos below:


Griz 399 and cub eating berries
Source: Facebook video

In this first video above, Grizzly 399 eats berries off of a bush with one of her cubs.  Pay close attention to the cub who, without the benefit of her famous mother's height, has to work a little harder to get at the berries. 

The second video shows Grizzly 399 leading all four of her latest cubs across the road.  It's a lazy day, and none of them are in a hurry. 

We love it any time we get to see Grizz 399 -- it's always a treat.  In fact, we strongly think she should probably run for president!

Source: Youtube; For licensing or usage, contact [email protected]

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