VIDEO: Puppyish Moose Walks Up, Licks Man's Hand

Did you know that moose kill more people every year than bears?  They're dangerous creatures, that's for sure.  And you'd do well to stay away from them rather and not, for instance, put out your hand and beckon them over.  

Of course, to be fair, moose are more dangerous than bears largely because they have a much higher population, so you're more likely to run into a moose than a bear.  That having been said, they're not generally known for their friendliness.  They're known for a mean kick, and their hooves can be powerful weapons if you make them mad. 

And yet, from a certain perspective, they're pretty cute. 

Filmed in Nikiski, Alaska by a man who noticed a juvenile moose outside of his home, this video shows that some moose are pretty trusting.  As the videographer says, "I walked outside my door and a baby moose was there and it scared me. I then called it like a dog and he came up and licked me. I thought he was gonna bite me because he slipped. His momma must of kicked him out..."

Sad to think of being kicked out by his moose mother, but maybe he'll be better for it.  Still, he probably shouldn't go up to people and lick them, whether they have salt on their hands or not.  Still, you've got to admit - you kinda want to keep a moose pet now, don't you?

See the whole video below!

Source: Youtube channel ViralHog

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