VIDEO: Rodeo Bull Jumps Into Audience

Now, rodeos aren't paragons of safety - not for the riders, anyway. But you don't tend to think of the audience being in danger at a rodeo, do you? But these attendees of a rodeo in Idaho got the thrill of a lifetime, or at least of the year, when a big, very mad bull almost managed to jump into the stands with them.  

The video was filmed in Preston, ID, and here's what the uploaders had to say: 

"I was recording when the bull ran in our direction like most of the bulls do when he turned and ran towards the open gate for him to exit the arena. The bull immediately turned and ran back in our direction, and jumped over the fence. A safety cable slowed him down from completely coming all of the ways over. When the safety cable broke, the bull dropped back down into the arena and ran to the open gate, and exited the arena. Everyone jumped out of the way of the bull. No one, including the bull, was injured. Sure scared everyone, but that was it."

All we can say is, "thank God for safety cables."

See the whole video below!

Source: Youtube channel ViralHog

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