VIDEO: Rutting Elk Applies "Cologne" in Yellowstone

Elk Pee

Source: YouTube channel ViralHog

We all know the routine, don't we guys? We get out of the shower, shave, apply aftershave, deodorant, maybe a little product for our hair or beards, and then we're ready to go off and impress the ladies. Oh wait, there's a step missing there, what was it? Oh! How could we forget? You gotta put on a little cologne.  

And not just a couple of demure spritzes, either. We're talking a thick, turgid jet of it aimed squarely at your face and head. 

You mean that's not part of your routine? 

Elk pee

Source: YouTube channel ViralHog

Well, it's part of a rutting elk's routine, and in this video, you can see this big boy preparing for a night out. It's the season where a young buck's fancy turns to the furry flanks of those irresistible does.  


Filmed just outside of Mammoth Hot Springs, this video shows a crowd of cars and onlookers maintaining a respectful distance as this big boy barely contains his throbbing biological urges.

See the whole video below!

Video Source: Youtube channel ViralHog

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