VIDEO: See this Albino Muley Spotted Near Billings!

If you need some good luck today, you can consider it delivered - you're about to witness something pretty rare!

Some estimates place the likelihood of an albino deer being born at about 1 in 20,000, with the odds of an albino mule deer being much higher - as high as 1 in 500,000 animals.  That makes the sighting of a so-called "ghost deer" a rare and wonderful occurrence!

An albino fawn near Billings was photographed in 2011, and now this lovely critter must be one of its descendants.

Albino deer

According to the woman who submitted the video, "My husband was working on a construction job and saw mule deer in a field and noticed one was an albino mule deer. He took as many pictures and videos as he could of the rare mule deer."

Have you ever seen an albino muley?  What about elk, moose, or antelope?

See the whole video below!

Video source: YouTube channel ViralHog

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Frankie Fontenot (not verified) , Thu, 03/31/2022 - 11:21
A couple of years ago my husband and I were driving from Billings into Helena on some back roads and came across a field of buffalos. There was a white one in the group. I so wish there had been a place for us to stop and get pictures of him.
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