VIDEO: See How the Awesome Yellowstone Film Ranch is Coming Along!

We've previously written an article about the Yellowstone Film Ranch, the ambitious Western town film set constructed close to Chico Hot Springs.  The YFR aims to be both a highly accurate replica of a western town as well as a modular set, meaning that it can be moved around and rearranged at will to suit the needs of the project filming there.  

It is the brain child of Colin Davis, Richard Gray and Carter Boehm, all of whom live in Montana, and all of whom love film.  As a matter of fact, Mr. Boehm's family used to run the Twilight Drive-In in Livingston.  

The project aims to provide an easy and convenient place for Western films set in the Rocky Mountain west to be filmed - a counterpoint to all the recent movies that were at least partially set in Montana but not filmed here in the state (like Hostiles, a 2017 Western which ends in the grasslands of Montana - though it wasn't filmed there).  This along with the MEDIA act, which allows a tax break to productions that employ a certain percentage of Montanans on their sets, will make Montana a sought-after filming location.

You'll notice that this Youtube video comes from the channel "Scotweek" - that's because the latest film from Richard Gray was Robert the Bruce, a historical epic in which Angus MacFadyen reprises his role from Braveheart.  In that well-recieved film, Montana gets its revenge for being so often shorted as a filming location - Montanan viewers with a sharp eye for their home state will find that it occasionally stands in for the craggy highlands of Scotland.

Check out the video below, and take a look at the beautiful as well as innovative Yellowstone Film Ranch!


Source: Youtube channel Scotweek

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