VIDEO: See Yellowstone Wolves Chase Grizzly!

In early August of 2020, a videographer at Yellowstone National Park captured a tense showdown between one grizzly and a pack of wolves. 

When biologists at Yellowstone National Park reintroduced the wolf to the Park's ecosystem it meant that grizzly bears had some competition.  Ever since, bears and wolves have been playing a long and violent game of chess in the park.  They regularly steal each other kills and have skirmishes over territory.  

While one wolf wouldn't do much but irritate a grizzly, a pack is a much more formidable opponent.  The grizzlies get by on their massive strength, but wolves are faster, and their ability to organize offers a competitive advantage. 

The video, recently uploaded to YouTube, is a dramatic illustration of this ever-shifting power struggle in the Park.  At the beginning of the video, the grizzly and wolves circle each other, sizing each other up.  But soon the grizzly attempts to steal their kill.  Increasingly incensed wolves watch the bear steal their meat until the conflict breaks out into all-out chase, nipping at the bear's rear. 

See the full video below and let us know if you've ever witnessed a battle between wolves and bears in your neck of the woods. 

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