VIDEO: Semi Truck Narrow Avoids Camper on Wrong Side of the Road

Oncoming traffic

Video source: Youtube channel Viralhog

A semi-truck driver on Lookout Pass got the fright of his life when he saw a camper passing on a double-yellow road. 

A camera in the cab of the trucker captures the gut sinking moment when he sees a camper driving on the wrong side of the road, attempting a blind pass in an illegal area. The driver turns a bend, sees the camper on the wrong side, and then, in what could only be luck or a miracle, perfectly threads the space between the two trucks.  

The driver attempting the pass, while guilty of a very, very dumb mistake, at least has the presence of mind to go into the concrete diver and allow the truck room.

The semi-truck passes between them with only an audible knock.  Even the driver can't believe it, repeating "holy s**t, holy s**t" only after he's cleared the trucks. 

Don't try to pass on double-yellow roads is the moral of the lesson.  Especially not on narrow, winding mountain double-yellow roads. 

See the whole video below!

Video source: YouTube channel Viralhog

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