VIDEO: Tense Moment as Two Hunters Must Spray Pair of Bears

Bear looking up into treestand
Source: Youtube

Two hunters in a tree stand experienced a tense moment when two juvenile black bears started climbing right in with them.

The men represent the channel BowZoneBoys, where they record themselves bow-hunting in Canada and upload the videos.  In this instance they got more than they bargained for when the bears started scaling the tree.  

Nervous as to where Mama might be, the man filming readies his bear spray and aims it right at the bears.  The bears, in turn, keep looking into the tree and thinking, perhaps whether it would be worth their while to keep going into its branches. 

Eventually, one of them gets too close for the man filming's comfort, and he lets spray with a cloud of bear spray.  leave a comment if you've ever had to pepper spray a bear. 

Bear after being sprayed with bear spray from treestand
Source: Youtube

Luckily, it works.  The bear thinks better of trying to get further into the tree and takes off in the opposite direction.  

Unfortunately for the men, a slight updraft made one of the men get a mouthful of pepper spray.  Which, naturally, causes the one filming to laugh. 

But a shot to the snoot of pepper spray is better than a bear bite to the anywhere (even if it is from a relatively placid black bear), so we judge the men lucky.

It all sort of reminds us of these two tree-stand hunter videos, the first of which is unintentionally hilarious (both for us and for the guy in the video), while in the second is a model of stoic calm.  

See the whole video below, and

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