VIDEO: This Wandering Cow Looks Pretty Comfortable In the House

Patrick F. McManus, the great western humorist, once observed (and we're paraphrasing) that a cow's been there first wherever you go.  You might climb up to the top of Everest, look around, and find a cow staring back at you. 

Yes, the animal's propensity for wandering, even into or onto places where it probably ought not to be, is legendary.  Everyone's seen the photo of a cow perched on the roof of some poor homesteader's sod house.  Imagine the hassle of getting it down.  And there's also the famous story, told to every incoming Freshman at Montana State University, of the cow who managed to get into the cupola of a belltower.  Getting it down was a lot more difficult, we imagine. 

Indoor cow

Source: Youtube and Viralhog

So when the folks filming this video went into their home to find a cow chewing its cud in their living room, they were probably less surprised than inconvenienced.  

The cow, which one of the commenters says is named "Brownie," is obliging enough when the homeowner tried to herd it outdoors again.  It only pauses a couple of times to sniff or take around the lovely farmhouse, probably comparing it to the barn and wishing she too had a couch. 

See the whole video below, and leave a comment if you've ever had a cow in the house.  And not on a plate, we mean. 

Source: Youtube and Viralhog

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