VIDEO: Watch Moose Angle Head Perfectly To Get Through Narrow Gate

Moose in backyard
Source: Youtube

God, in His infinite wisdom, didn't make all of us the same size.  And while it's generally not polite to remark upon, there are some who are blessed with height, and otheres are short.  Some are lean and mean, and some of us have a few extra.  

Take the case of the moose.  It's been blessed with speed, great swimming abilities, and a keen sense of fun.  But it also has to deal with, for lack of a better term, an enormous rack.  Haven't you ever wondered how they deal with it?

Can the moose do it?
Source: Youtube

Well, in nature I suppose they don't have to very often except for the occasional very sad case of a moose getting something like a car tire or piece of refuse attached to its antlers, which happens more than you'd think.  But when the moose enters the human world he has to learn to do things a little differently.  

For instance, the person who took this video says that they always saw evidence of moose in their yard but couldn't figure out how a full-grown moose could get into the relatively narrow space, especially when you consider his terrific antlers. 

She happened to capture it happening and had her answer: very carefully. 

Check out the incredible footage below, and reflect on the moral - when God opens a gate, He makes sure your head is small enough that you can slowly and veeerrryyy carefully fit through it.

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