VIDEO: Watch This "Tidal Wave" At Leigh Lake!

Ice Above Leigh Lake

Montana has just about everything going for it. Beautiful mountain vistas, glaciers that stay icy all year round, and some of the most gorgeous, if sometimes dangerous, animals in the world. 

But there is one thing you have to admit we don't have. No ocean, and that means, for better or worse, no tsunami either. 

Woman At Leigh Lake

But a family saw the next best thing at Leigh Lake, southwest of Libby, when they noticed a large piece break off the ice field and into the ordinarily placid waters of the lake. Soon the family noticed a five-foot wave heading towards them -- not a common sight in the wilds of Montana. 

Unfortunately, the first wave took the photographer by surprise. But he was ready for the ones that follow. Take a look:

The miniature tidal wave knocked one woman off her feet and soaked the rest of the family with ice-melt lake water, which must have been oh so cold

Tidal waves in Montana? What's next, four feet of snow in East Texas? Giant redwoods in Florida? An honest man in Congress? It seems anything at all can happen these days. 

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