VIDEO: Yellowstone Park Ranger Uses Pepper Spray to Deter Charging Bear

Park ranger spraying bear
Source: Youtube

 We've seen plenty of videos lately with people doing the wrong thing when it comes to bear interactions -- why not watch one where someone does something right for a change?

This video shows an assortment of Yellowstone tourists gathered by the side of the road to watch a mother bear and two cubs cavort on a fallen log.  But the presence of people makes the mother uneasy, and it soon falls to the brave Park Ranger to do his best to defuse a tense situation.  

Park Ranger Spraying bear
Source: Youtube

He makes noise, warning the bear, and stands between the tourists and the bears.  One of the tourists comment that they'd feel safer inside their car.  Not long after, the bear begins running toward the Park Ranger, and he quickly reacts by laying down a cloud of bear spray.  Mama bear turns around, taking her cubs with her.  When she begins to reconsider, the Park Ranger throws a rock harmlessly near her, which is met by a chorus of tourists saying "awwww!" and what must look, to them, like a trio of cuddly teddies. 

Most importantly, the Park Ranger does not turn and run, which will frequently induce a bear's instinct to chase.  

Though we've heard criticisms of bear spray's effectiveness, it looks to have worked to deter this particular Yellowstone bear.  And this Park Ranger's calm thinking help to give this story a happy ending.  

See the video below: 

Source: Youtube

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Eugenia McKnight (not verified) , Sun, 09/13/2020 - 05:00
Those people are too close to that Mama Bear. There are signs ALL over that park that are never read by tourist. Stupidity endangers the lives of the animals, who will be euthanized if they attack, and the irresponsible people who cause the problem.
Gman (not verified) , Mon, 09/14/2020 - 19:22
Worst park rangers I have ever seen. Taunting wild animals in their own habitat. Disgusting. Should be fired.
Roger T (not verified) , Tue, 09/22/2020 - 15:28
Why would the rangers put people in danger? You say brave!! I was thinking stupid!!! That is Harassing the bears!!! Let the poor bears alone!!
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