VIDEO: Young Bighorn Sheep Shoved Off Of Cliff Climbs Right Back Up

Bighorn Kid falling off of cliff
Video capture courtesy of YouTube channel Epic Nature

Of all Dad moves, the one I like the least was when he, attempting to teach me how to swim, picked me up and threw me into the pool.  "You'll figure it out," he said, "or you'd better, anyway!"  When I surfaced at the top of the pool gasping and splashing, he said, "see?" 

And once again, human behavior is only a slight refinement on animal behavior.  

Bighorn ram at Soda Butte
Photo Courtesy of YouTube Channel Epic Nature

The videographers at the YouTube channel Epic Nature (all credit for all the photos and videos here belong to them -- check out their awesome channel!) captured footage of may well be the Bighorn Sheep version of the unexpected Dad-throw; in the video, you can see as the ram headbutts the yearling off of the short cliff.  It is unclear what has precipitated the headbutt.  Maybe the kid was repeatedly demanding that the other buy him a Nintendo Switch (although it is not clear if the older bighorn is the yearling's father, we'll assume he is for the sake of the narrative).  

Bighorn Sheep Lambs
Photo Courtesy of YouTube channel Epic Nature

Suddenly the child is pushed once, twice, three times, and goes tumbling down the cliff.  As the video commentator says, the little guys lands on his head.  Good thing that bighorn sheep have such sturdy skulls because before you know it, the little guy is jumping up the cliff face again, indefatigable.  He even manages to find a higher vantage than older ram, although he's sure to stay out of his way when the bigger sheep comes close.

It seems that whatever lesson the ram was trying to impart has sunk in -- and the young yearling has proven that he not so easily discouraged and highly capable of picking himself up and running back up the mountain.  

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