VIDEO: Skating on Quake Lake is an Eerie Sight!

Quake Lake is an eerie place.  Created after a landslide cut off the Madison River following the 1959 Hebgen Lake eartchquake that killed 29 people, the new lake is some 6 miles long and 190 feet deep in some places.  

In parts of Quake Lake there are still trees that just up out of the water, creating an almost surreal sight - especially when the surface of the lake is iced over. 

Filmed last December, this amazing footage was filmed by a father, his son and another youth hockey team member as they wend their way between the trees on skates.

In the words of the father: "In late November, a friend who knows we are a hockey family and drives by Quake Lake everyday told me the lake was frozen and glassy - perfect for skating. On 12/7/2020 my wife and I pulled our son from school early and drove from Bozeman to check it out with one of his peewee hockey teammates. I've been fascinated with Quake Lake for nearly 25 years and it was an incredibly rare, first-time experience."

It certainly is beautiful, and we reckon there's not many places on earth where you could get a sight like this.  

See the whole video below!

Source: Youtube video ViralHog

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Lindie Gibson/… (not verified) , Tue, 03/09/2021 - 20:31
hello - I have a facebook page entitled LIVINGSTON MONTANA REMEMBERS THE EARTHQUAKE OF 1959, for those who may be interested in a little more history and photos of the area....
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