VIDEO: Bear Cubs Break In and Dig Around in Fridge

Is there anything worse than the houseguest who comes over and digs around in your fridge without asking for permission?  Starts taking out your leftovers?  Taking the lids off and sniffing their contents?  Ugh, it really makes you want to throw them out. 

But what if they're bear cubs, and mom's waiting just outside?  That might change things a little bit. 

Some folks living in a house near Lake Tahoe woke up to find a bustle downstairs.  In their own words, "Many people lived in our house. Then it was early morning and I was sleeping on the second floor. We were awakened by smashed dishes on the first floor. We didn't understand what was going on, we thought maybe friends were fighting. Frightened, I picked up the phone and reached the stairs, and then everything was recorded."

They found three bear cubs going through their freezer and refrigerator, and around them, a big mess.  They managed to capture the moment when one of the cubs found some ice cream (that's what we would have gone for too).  Then the cubs saw the stairs, and the man filming, and started up to the second floor before deciding better of it and running outside.  Once outside, the man filming shuts the door, just as the cubs start to fight over the ice cream.  

Then the man runs to the window and sees mama outside.  She turns to see him, too.  

Thank goodness no one was hurt, cub, human or otherwise.  But we hope that the cubs don't develop a taste for ice cream and come back. 

See the whole amazing video below!

Source: Youtube and Viral Hog

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