VIDEO: Bear Hunts Down, Kills Deer in Ordinary Backyard.

Bear kills deer in yard
Source: Youtube

Have you ever had a deer in your backyard?  If you live in the Rocky Mountain West and are lucky enough to have a yard, then we bet you probably have.  It's usually a pretty peaceful and beautiful experience unless you're trying to keep them out of your garden.  Or a bear shows up and kills the deer.

This video, filmed by a couple in Colorado Springs, Colorado in the summer of 2015, captures the disturbing moment that a bear overcomes and slowly kills a deer in a suburban backyard.  On one hand, it is a chance to see the inner workings of nature up close, and on the other hand, it's a bizarre incursion of the wilderness into civilization in that it's not the sort of thing you see in your backyard very often.  

Perhaps most disturbing is the wounded creature's call, uncanny because it almost sounds human.  Maybe that's just because fear and pain sound the same in any language and any tongue.  

Bear kills deer in yard
Source: Youtube

The couple's distress grows as the video goes on until finally, the lady says "call someone!"  We have to agree that if it were happening in our backyard, it would be hard to just watch the distressed animal being killed slowly by the predator.  But that's also how it happens in the wild, as the Creator or nature intended. 

Nature is often beautiful, but sometimes it's ugly.  And seeing such an explosion of violence in an ordinary backyard feels even more like watching something that wasn't intended for human eyes.  

See the whole video below, and please be advised, it is graphic and disturbing.  

Source: Youtube

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Susan (not verified) , Tue, 10/13/2020 - 10:48
I'd you find this disturbing...watching a cow slaughtered at the packing house is no less disturbing...hung to bleed out with its throat cut and gently mooing..still alive...I was only 7years old and on a school field trip. In 72 and the memory still disturbs me.
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