VIDEO: Camera Captures Lightning Strike Hitting Cow in a Field

Cow struck by lightning in field
Source: Youtube

As the poet said, you never know for whom the bell tolls.  Well, the bell sure tolled for this poor Idaho cow stuck by lightning across from a gas station in Idaho, where CCTV captured the moment this poor bovine became a well-done steak. 

It was business as usual outside the Creekside 66 convenience store near Albion, Idaho when CRACK, lightning split the sky.  The actual flash of lightning, which would have lasted a fraction of a second, is too brief for the camera to catch.  However, the sudden brightness shows up on the camera as a white bar of interference.  And when it's gone, so too was the poor soul of that Idaho cow. 

Flash of lightning washes out camera
Source: Youtube

The cow, instantly dead, flops into the grass -- at least it didn't suffer.  The cows around him, smart enough to know something big and potentially bad just happened, cleared away from their fallen comrade.  

May this footage serve as a reminder that however terrible 2020 has been so far, at least the sky hasn't attacked you yet (we apologize if you are a cow or have been struck by lightning this year -- in that case we've been very insensitive.)  

See the amazing moment captured on video below: 

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kim (not verified) , Mon, 08/16/2021 - 00:18
explains the alien theory just saying
Bev L (not verified) , Wed, 02/10/2021 - 13:49
So...I'm not very bright (pun!!!): That looked like sheet lightening...or was it just so bright that it lit up all that we see? IF it was sheet lightening, wouldn't it hit 'em all?
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