VIDEO: Car Full of Folks Scream As Bear Opens Door!

Bear opens car door
Source: Youtube

First, we've got to talk about car door handles. Either bears are getting smarter, or we need to come up with more complicated door handles. Because bears can get into these things as easily as we can, ok? There are enough videos of bears getting into cars on Youtube to keep you occupied for the next fifty years; just look at Gatlinburg, Tennessee, where bears perpetrate 3 out of 5 car thefts.  

So maybe we need to add some gyroscopes or retinal scanners or something fancy to these car-door handles so that the bears figure out how to fly our planes, too. Think of it this way - you put a childproof lid on your aspirin so you don't want your four-year-old getting into them, right? But if you walked into the living room to see little Timmy eating them like cereal, you'd probably want to figure out some sort of alternative to the existing situation. 

Bear opens car door
Source: Youtube

Or you could just lock your darn doors.  

Phew, now that we've gotten that out of the way, we can enjoy the absolute comedy gold of the moment this family of tourists learned this very lesson. They must have something tasty in there because the bear walks up and opens the car door just as calmly as if they had beckoned him over and offered him a ride to Jellystone. The bear looks so nonplussed by the whole thing that we're surprised he didn't jump when the entire family begins screaming at once. 

See the whole video below, and really, give that bear car-door-handle thing a good thinking-over, and then send the designs to Distinctly Montana. We'll be happy to split the patent with you.

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Diana (not verified) , Fri, 07/23/2021 - 23:31
Yep! I live in Seeley Lake...and we had bears open not only two of my front van doors, but the sliding door too! We were asleep and had forgotten to lock the doors. Saw the muddy paw prints.
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