VIDEO: Grizzly Family Play and Swim at Grinnell Lake, Glacier

As Montana is battered with gale-force winds and cold(ish) temperatures, wouldn't you like to go for a nice swim?  Well, then feast your eyes on this grizzly family - a sow and two yearling cubs - as they alternately wrestle, splash and swim at Grinnell Lake, at Glacier National Park.  

These are pretty big cubs, too - almost as big as their mom - which adds a bittersweet quality to the video because it means that they're likely to set out on their own before too long.  These might be some of their last days together. 

The grizzlies start with what looks like it is about to be a ferocious fight.  Luckily, it's just the yearlings blowing off some steam.  Then the cubs join the sow in the water for a refreshing swim. 

Just look at the beautiful blue-green of the water (not to mention the crystal clarity of the footage; it's nice when you see video like this shot on a good camera!).  It all kind of makes you want to go for a dip, doesn't it?

This video was filmed a few years ago now, meaning that these yearlings, already good-sized, are now full-grown grizzlies.  We wish them well, even as we sincerely hope we never run into them on a hike. 

See the whole video below!

Source: Youtube channel timcanplan

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