VIDEO: Grumpy Bison Is Your New Spirit Animal

Grumpy bison utterance
Source: Youtube

A recently uploaded Youtube video shows how a male North American bison managed to precisely capture all of America's mood this year with his grumpy, huffy vocalizations.

The short video was recorded by a tourist to Yellowstone on August 3rd of this year.  A male bison approaches the driver side of the car and tells the videographer off in a way that is at once angry and lethargic.  It is very much the same noise I make at Netflix when, several hours into a binge, it dares to ask me if I'm still watching.  

Grumpy Bison Utterance
Souce: Youtube

It's the kind of utterance that needs no translation.  It says "what the hell are you doing in my way" just as surely as it asks "what kind of God would make a world in which you're in my way?"  

But the truly telling moment is when the bison, unable to even deal with having to look at the man in the car anymore, slowly turns around.   You can actually see the moment he resolves himself to a lifetime of having to deal with idiots on roads -- idiots pointing phones at him.

Here's to you, grumpy bison.  We feel your pain.

Source: Youtube

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