VIDEO: Irritated Bison Pops Tourists' Tire in Yellowstone

Bison approaches car
Source: YouTube

There are so many scary videos of bison getting tired of dumb tourists in Yellowstone National Park! There was the lady who got too close to a bison and paid the ultimate price: her pants, this breathtaking footage of a rutting bull headbutting another so hard he actually leaves the ground, and now this.  

The victim this time is an innocent tire attached to a car driving through the Park. It is unclear from the video whether the driver approached the bison too closely, or if the bison has approached the car. But in a flash, the bison charges. The tire pops with a strangely satisfying hiss. 

Wildlife Petting Chart
Courtesy: National Parks Service
Bison Popping Tire
Source:  YouTube

"I think he broke your tire", the passenger says. The driver says something, either "sure, dude" or an understandable expletive.  

Once again, this video shows the need for a general reeducation in bison safety for guests attending National Parks. The National Park Service recommends that people maintain a distance of 25 yards or 75 feet from all large herbivores in the Park, including elk, bison, moose, etc. The safest way to see the animals, as the NPS points out, is from a car. But as this video proves, it may not be safe for your car.  

We're not sure what these folks could have done differently, or even if the encounter was their fault. But at least they got to keep their pants, which makes them among the lucky ones. 

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