VIDEO: Mountain Bikers in Glacier Have Very Close Encounter With Grizzly Bear

Griz bike!

Source: Youtube channel Storyful

Here's a video that raised the little hairs on our collective neck around the Distinctly Montana office. 

A group of mountain bikers making their way through a barely thawed Glacier were paused for a rest along the side of Going To The Sun Road when they saw a large grizzly come loping along. 

We're no experts on bear biology, that's for sure.  But it sure looks as if he's trying to figure out if there's enough meat between them to make it worth its while to go over there and eat them. 

Thankfully they don't, and even though they must look like a plate of thin chicken wings dressed in a polyester blend, he continues on his way while the bikers yell what sounds suspiciously like "Colbert! Colbert" at them. Maybe it's their mantra!

See the whole video below!

Video source: Youtube channel Storyful

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