VIDEO: Sneaky Alpaca Makes His Displeasure Known With a Well-Placed Kick

Sometimes the best videos are short and sweet.  In a mere five seconds, this video establishes itself as a piece of true comedy gold. 

The video shows an alpaca farmer, long a growing concern in Montana and throughout the West, putting hay in a small outbuilding for alpaca.  Then a brown alpaca enters the building.  You can tell that he's got something on his mind, and he won't be deterred.  The animal walks in as casually, immediately turns around, and kicks the farmer.  Then, clearly aware that he's done something liable to get him in trouble, he runs out just as the farmer's starting to chase after him.

For anyone with siblings, it will surely remind them of the kind of dirty, no-good sneak attack common among little brothers (and, we assume, little sisters).  At the same time, the anger of the farmer is totally understandable and relatable.  We just hope that the alpaca wasn't ground into burger when the man caught up with him. 

Interestingly enough, alpaca aren't known for being aggressive.  They have been known to spit at one another and the occasional human if provoked, but rarely do they kick people like this.  We think this might mean one of two possibilities: this alpaca is a reak jerk, or the man deserved it. 

See the whole video below!

Source: Youtube channel ViralHog

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