VIDEO: Surprised Man Panics, Accidentally Locks Bear Into His Car

Bear about to get trapped in car
Source: Youtube

Earlier we showed you the incredible video of a bear breaking out of a car by bending back the window from the inside. He just wrapped his claws around that tempered glass and bent until it positively shattered, just as a man was reaching to let the bear out. It was as crazy a bear video as we've ever seen.  

But you may have wondered how the bear got in the car in the first place. Well, now you have something close to an answer.  

This new video which is actually unrelated to that video, shows how someone can lock a bear into their car. In fact, it demonstrates that it must be pretty frequent since this video has been uploaded less than a week after the other!

It seems that a Gatlinburg, TN someone left their car door open, possibly to take some groceries inside. Their neighbor started filming when a bear approached the car. Then the owner of the car, a woman, walks out of her house and closes the car door. 

Bear about to get trapped in car
Source: Youtube

But that doesn't stop the bear, who must smell food in the car. He stands up, walks towards it, and easily opens it with his paw.    

We still don't understand what happens next. Now the man filming goes down from his house towards the car, seemingly unaware that the bear is actually inside the car. When he gets close enough to discover that, he screams, curses (language warning!), and slams the car door.  

Now there's a scared man with a bear in his car, probably wondering if bears mauling his car will be covered by his insurance. And there's a very scared bear locked inside of something which is profoundly alien to him. The only thing for the bear to do is start breaking things until something lets him out of this metal and plastic hell. 

Thank goodness no one, bear or human got hurt.  

I guess the lesson is, don't leave your doors open in bear country. What a bizarre encounter! 

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