VIDEO: Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Steals Wolf Pack's Quarry, Then They Gang Up to Face Him

In Yellowstone National Park there are two apex predators jostling for top spot.  After the reintroduction of wolves and the conservancy of grizzly bears, there are more wolves and bears in the park than there have been in decades.  As a result, grizzlies and bears must renegotiate who's the boss, and that means frequent squabbles over food. 

Filmed in Yellowstone late last December, this footage shows a bear hoarding a dead elk.  But he didn't kill the animal himself.  Rather, the elk was killed by wolves that went away to sleep after their initial feast.  Ordinarily, grizzly bears aren't out and about this late in the season, so the wolves likely didn't consider that the meat could be stolen.  But when they returned from their nap, they found a great big grizzly sitting right on top of their food store.  

The grizzly bear isn't even phased until five or six wolves show up.  But as more and more arrive - finally there are fourteen wolves in total, perhaps the entirety of the Junction Butte Wolf Pack - the bear begins to fight for his ill-begotten meat.  

Eventually, according to the wilderness guide that filmed the encounter, the bear won and the wolves retreated sulkily to let him have what was left of their meat.  In Yellowstone National Park's new world of wolves and bears, sometimes one wins and sometimes the other.  This day went to the griz, but another day will go to the wolves.  It's the circle of life, afterall. 

Watch the video below!

Source: Youtube and Viral Hog

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