Duct Tape to the Rescue!

10+ Ideas To Get Out of Any Sticky Situation

Duct Tape! The amazing adhesive everyone relies on to fix just about everything! The stories of how it was created are as varied as all the things that can be done with it. Some people say it was created, Frankenstein-like, in a lab. Others swear it was the result of top-secret military research. No matter how this grey miracle arrived in our lives, Duct Tape is a must-have for any Montana Adventure.

We've patched together a roll of useful ideas if you ever find yourself in a sticky spot. Just ignore the looks from people when you bring 100 rolls of Duct Tape for a weekend camping trip...


It's not truly a Montana Adventure unless some of your gear breaks, rips, or gets punctured.  the sort of bad luck that can end a trip early or make the rest of it really inconvenient— unless you have a couple of rolls of Duct Tape with you!  so With a little ingenuity— and a few strips of tape—your adventure can keep rolling along!


#1 Keep Warm!

  • Apply overlapping strips of tape to the lining of your coat to add another layer of insulation
  • Patch holes in your sleeping bag to keep the down inside

#2 Stay Dry!

  • Cover rips in your coat
  • Patch holes in your clothes
  • Mend or reinforce your gloves
  • Tape your pants to your boots so water or snow won't get your feet wet

#3 Don’t Go Hungry!

  • Plug holes in food bags or containers
  • Cooler with a broken latch? Tape it closed to keep food safe
  • Seal bottles if the cap is cracked or broken
  • Use your elbow as a mold to make a duct tape cup.

#4 Fix Your Gear!

  • Cover gaps if your shoe's sole comes loose
  • Reinforce or replace broken straps
  • Make a new camera strap
  • Stop (or slow down!) leaks in inflatable items


Okay, so you've used duct tape to fix all kinds of problems. But what about where you are staying? Can duct tape help if you are in a back country bind? Of course it can!

#5 Gimme Shelter!

  • Fix broken tent poles or make new ones by taping branches together
  • Create a lean-to by applying strips of tape to both sides of a trash bag to make it Stiffer
  • Twist layers of tape together to make a rope

tape final


first aid

We know duct tape can be used to fix your gear, but what about fixing yourself? Here's some ways the miracle adhesive can help if you run into any minor medical issues out in the wild...

#6 Breaking is Bad!

  • Lash branches together to make a crutch
  • Bind sticks together to make a splint
  • Make a sling
  • Hold a broken rib in place by wrapping midsection with tape
  • Repair glasses

#7 Cover Up!

  • Create a butterfly bandage
  • Extra covering over bandages 
  • Cover blisters

#8 That’s a Wrap!

Wrap sprained ankles, wrists, elbows or knees


roll roll roll your boat

You and your car (and boat) have a special bond. so what happens when that bond (or door or paddle) breaks? Fix it with duct tape!

#9 Roll, Roll, Roll Your Boat!

  • Patch a leaky canoe
  • Repair a broken oar
  • Make a paddle
  • Stretch strips of tape to make a new seat

#10 Roll On Down the Road!

  • Hold stubborn doors closed
  • Temporarily seal a leaking tire
  • Secure loose taillights or bumpers. Old Subarus and duct tape are best friends

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