Gal-livanting Around Montana: Spiritual Programs and Retreat Centers for Women

Montana abounds in spiritual programs and retreat centers of
particular interest to women.  Here’s a selection from around the state.

Feathered Pipe Foundation


Feathered Pipe is one of the original retreat centers (1975) focusing on yoga, consciousness, and personal growth in the U.S. and has brought world-renowned teachers (including Joseph Campbell) to Montana for four decades.  On a ranch surrounded by millions of acres of forest and mountains, programs include seva yoga, meditation, mindfulness, healing arts, as well as personal retreats and journeys into the world (New Zealand this winter). 

Contact:; Executive Director, J.V. Bennett, [email protected], (406) 442-8196.

Montana Friends of Jung

Bozeman & Missoula

MFOJ is an educational organization for individuals interested in the study and promotion of the ideas of psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung and depth psychology.  Dr. Jung said that by honestly facing personal conflicts we confront the deepest spiritual problems of universal human concerns. The group sponsors events, lectures, and seminars by noted analysts, scholars, and writers in the field of Jungian psychology. Learn about events on Facebook as well as Web site.

Contact:; (in Bozeman)
Barbara L. Boik, (406) 580-5945; (in Missoula) Ken Silvestro, [email protected]

Red Willow Learning Center


In a lovely contemporary building surrounded by a native garden, the Center for Health and Healing provides a variety of holistic healing services.  On the one hand, practitioners offer yoga, massage, chiropractic, and Neuro-Linguistic-Programming.  A unique class is the Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement method.  The Center also provides mind-body healing services aimed at intense conflict or trauma for individuals or caregivers.  A regular offering is Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction based on Jon Kabat-Zinn’s work.  “SoulCollage” helps people, using scissors and play, develop their intuitive side, relationships with others, and personal dreams.  

Contact: Executive Director, Kathy Mangan,, (406) 721-0033.  

Deep Bay on Flathead Lake


Deep Bay Retreat Center is geared toward empowering individuals with new psychological skills and confidence to live life to the fullest.  Programs also emphasize living in a balanced, sustainable manner with less impact on the planet.  The Center offers classes on meditation, sacred texts, energy healing, and finding peace for veterans.  It also provides support for terminally ill individuals.  Health & spiritual retreats are held regularly.  The facility includes two beautiful timber frame homes on four wooded acres with trails to reach the lake shore.

Contact: Teresa Beaubien, [email protected], (406) 844-2611.

Bozeman Dharma Center


Dedicated to the teachings of the Buddha, this new space on Main Street provides a common home for Insight Meditation, Zen, and Dharmata (Tibetan) meditation, plus a venue for classes, workshops, and retreats.  It’s aim is to create a spiritual refuge for the cultivation of wisdom and compassion.  The Center schedules day and weekend retreats as well as open meditation hours.  A library is available for browsing.   

Contact: (406) 581-5539, [email protected],

Barjon’s Bookstore


Barjon’s is primarily a metaphysical-oriented bookstore in the center of Billings; it regularly offers classes and workshops based on its authors. Ask for its newsletter. Owner Jim Nymeyer is an herbalist who offers private consultations focusing on health concerns and lifestyle strategies. 

Contact: (406) 252-4398, [email protected],

EWAM, Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism

Arlee & Missoula

Its founder and spiritual guide is Gochen Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche.  The impressive Garden of One Thousand Budddhas in Arlee regularly offers meditation, teachings, and empowerment ceremonies. “Eh-wam” brings together two Sanskrit syllables for wisdom and compassion.  Actualizing the union of these two is the goal of Buddhist practice.


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