Montanans You Should Know: Donna Griffin (Farmer)

Donna Griffin Donna Griffin’s goal was to become a medical doctor but she ended up farming solo in northern Montana. Life took many unexpected turns and after the deaths of her husband and both children, friends and families encouraged her to lease out the farm and enjoy a life of leisure; instead remaining on the land became her salvation. Donna embraces the concept of soil heath and practices full crop rotations growing legumes,oil seeds,and cereal grains on her farms northwest of Chester and at Ethridge. Donna strongly believes that farmers must accept the responsibility of preserving the most precious of our country’s resources, the soil, which provides the very substance of life.

The only words which can describe life on the prairie are...  a dichotomy between happiness and hardship.

My biggest lifetime regret is... doing too much housework.

The last time I had a good laugh was... with my granddaughter, Lillian, at our delusion of being “cowgirls.”

Land has a special importance to me because... after years of life and labor it becomes a part of you.

Can anyone tell me why... any mistake in your field happens along the road where everyone can see it?

What most people don’t understand about agriculture is... it is a very high risk and high stress occupation requiring expertise and hard work.

People living along the Hi-line almost never... pass you without giving you the two-finger wave.

As far as I’m concerned, genetically modified food is... safe, viable, and important in addressing world hunger.

A great day for me always ends with... farm work done well even though work on a farm is never “all done.”

Most people don’t know that I often... travel out of the country.

“Carpe diem!” for me means... never missing an opportunity to tell your loved ones they are appreciated.

My mother would be appalled to learn that I... cuss sometimes.

I really wish Chester, Montana, had a... brighter future with more opportunities for young people to practice their professions.

The one bad habit I can’t shake is...“New Iron Affliction” which is always desiring the newest versions of farm machinery.

Even my best friends don’t know that I... meditate sometimes.

When I need a break, I... play with horses or cut grass.

When it comes to weeds I must tell you... the only good weed, is a dead weed.

The one thing that really gets me riled up is... the inaccurate caricature of the country bumpkin farmer in bib coveralls with a toothpick in his mouth.

Someday I am definitely going to... learn how to relax.

Reincarnation?... OK, bring me back as a... rich, relaxed farmer.


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