Montana's Secret Visitors

Ufo's and Special Visitors

This excerpt is from Montana UFOs and Extraterrestrials by Joan Bird, newly released by Riverbend Publishing in Helena.  The book is carefully documented and will certainly make you think twice about the phenomena.

The Visitors, Appearance and Knowledge 

It’s interesting that Montana claims two of the best early descriptions of benevolent alien encounters, and they are remarkably similar. Both describe the human appearance of the spacecraft occupants, and similar “coverall” type clothing. Udo’s visitors spoke perfect English and told him they could speak 500 languages, while Leo’s visitors said they spoke all the languages on our planet, and Leo verified their perfect English and German.  Leo describes a decontamination process required for entry onto the ship.

Udo’s contacts invited him to be examined for impurities by an X-ray like machine that passed over him. When Leo met his contacts seven years after his first encounter, he commented on how little they had changed. They responded: 

We are several thousand years ahead of your time. We are germ-free and our life expectancy is quite different from yours...if your scientists would devote their time to increasing your life span, people on Earth would be capable of living in good health much longer than you do now.

Perhaps the scanning or decontamination processes are part of the knowledge that keeps the aliens germ-free and long-lived. Udo’s visitors told him they were 600 and 900 years old, a human life expectancy unheard of, except in the Book of Genesis.

UFO illustration

Propulsion and Energy Systems

Both Leo and Udo describe a humming sound. Udo says in an early hand-written account that when he was under the ship, “the noise was not loud, and seemed to go through you.”  Both describe some kind of counter-rotational movement in the outer rim of the craft, and Tom Cottle reports that Udo’s drawings showed a circular tube around the outside of the dish which spun to cause the force. Udo’s hosts told him the two counter-rotating flywheels produced an electro-magnetic force that gave the ship its own gravitation, overcoming the gravitational pull of the Earth, as well as other planets, the sun and stars.
In one account, Udo reports, 

They focused on a distant star and used its energy to draw them through space at speeds greater than the speed of light. My host specifically mentioned, “skipping upon the light waves.”

Udo’s visitors also told him they used energy from the sun and the stars, and could store it in batteries, though this was for emergency use.  In one account, Udo writes they also said there was another energy source that was not explained. “As time goes on these things will become clear to you... they will become known to you as you go on.” Years later, Udo told his daughter Dana he believed the fuel source for the craft was hydrogen, extracted from water.

These prescient comments about understanding more in the future seemed to take root in Udo, and perhaps gave him a sense of mission in wanting to share information he felt would be beneficial to mankind. Tim Grossnickle wrote that Udo’s wife Donna described him as an imaginative “tinkerer.” Udo was fascinated by the extraterrestrial technology, and believed it could be a solution to the energy crisis and our transportation problems. The letters he wrote to John Glenn in l976, and to UFO researcher Stanton Friedman in l981 both request help in relaying information about these technologies to those who could develop them. Counter-rotating wheels are often described in the UFO literature, and in anti-gravity technology currently being tested on Earth. Leo describes watching the outer shell of the ship rotating faster and faster just before the craft lifted off the ground, and both describe the amazingly rapid disappearance of the ship after take-off. 

While Udo did not experience the force field that originally kept Leo and his brother from approaching that ship, he does talk about “how some type of energy had permeated the area and that he lost strength for several hours, being unable to walk. When his strength finally returned he walked back to the (mining company) base camp.” 


Purpose and Character of the Visitors

Curiously, Udo and Leo were both told not to tell anyone about their experiences, as no one would believe them at that time, but in years to come they would be able to talk and would be believed. This implies some understanding of the state of human awareness in the l930s and l940s, and perhaps some ability to see into the future.

When Udo asked about their purpose in coming, they replied “as you have noticed, we look pretty much as you do, so we mingle with you people, gather information, leave instructions, or give help where needed.” Leo’s visitors had similar comments.  In his last boarding on the ship in l963, they express their concern for the future of humans on earth, and report:

 “Throughout the years we have walked this planet without harming anyone. Always, we have been willing to help, but not one seems to want our help.”

One of the most striking similarities between the two accounts is the emotional response of both Leo and Udo to their visitors. They both speak wistfully and even reverentially of their visitors. According to Warren Aston’s account, Udo stressed his impression that they were men, “just like us, and very nice chaps.” He felt remarkable “love, or comfort” in their presence and did not want to leave them. Leo wrote at length about their kindness and loving, helpful nature as mentioned in the Leo Dworshak chapter. 

According to the verbal account provided by Robert Grossnickle’s son Tim, and perhaps by his father as well, Udo asked the visitors “if they knew of Jesus Christ and if they held the Priesthood?” They replied, “We would like to speak of these things, but are unable. We cannot interfere in any way.” This statement suggests an allegiance to some kind of ethical cosmic law, and a deference to human free will on this planet. 

Udo’s and Leo’s accounts of their contact experiences are not unusual in being so positive. While there are troubling and frightful reports of abduction by grays, Reptilian and even human-appearing abductors, there are also many
reports of encounters with benevolent, wise and kind beings from off-planet, who urge us to end the development of nuclear weapons, and offer technologies and information to end poverty and illness on Earth.

UFOs over a field

Though Udo never saw the ship or its crew again, he never stopped hoping. In one of his handwritten accounts, he says, “everything was so clear, and still is . . . one time when I was in Portland, Ore. I thought I saw a man like the younger man, but by the time I had gone around the block he had gone. Then this summer when I was in Hawaii, I saw a man that looked just like him, though it wasn’t him.” Udo was clearly deeply affected by his encounter for his entire life. 

I have heard tales of other sightings and even possible encounters in the Townsend area and nearby Elkhorn Mountains, but nothing with the detail that Udo committed to writing.  Out of his desire to assist humankind, Udo left us a remarkable legacy. Sadly, his attempts to pass on this valuable information were seemingly as futile as the assistance offered from these cosmic travelers. Perhaps someday, in the not too distant future, these technologies will become available on Earth.

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