VIDEO: Pure White Grizzly Bear Sighted Near Train Track

Train vs bear
Source: Youtube

This video's got everything: a big train, a pretty bear, a concerned family filming the whole thing, all the ingredients of a classic.  

Firstly, that white grizzly is really a marvel.  Note, it's not a polar bear, or a spirit bear, it's a grizzly bear with white fur.  You can tell by the hump in it's back, specific to grizzlies.  Without seeing its eyes up close, we don't know whether it is albino or not (i.e. whether it is albinism or another genetic disorder), but regardless, the bear's as pretty as a snowflake.

But oh no, look!  As we continue to watch the video, which was filmed in the Canadian Rockies, we realize the bear's on train tracks, and there's a train coming.  The family begins to yell at the bear in the misplaced hope that it might learn English and step clear of the tracks.  

White grizzly bear
Source: Youtube

But it turns out their concern was unnecessary.  At the last moment, the bear decides to step clear of the tracks, rather than swallow the train whole. 

It reminds us of a few other white animals, including Montana's own little omen of good tidings, the white bison.  

Nature is an incredible thing, isn't it?  God or nature, however you'd prefer it, comes up with a creature of awesome power, fearsome in appearance, beautiful yet, but capable of inspiring terror.  And then He makes a pure white one and sets it loose among the others, and leaves us to figure out what it all means.   

See the whole video below!

Source: Youtube

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Susan Wells (not verified) , Fri, 01/29/2021 - 10:54
Jackie Pepin (not verified) , Thu, 02/04/2021 - 11:36
Heart in throat as that beautiful white grizzly munched between the tracks wit a train coming.
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