VIDEO: See This Breathtaking All-White Moose!

White Moose in water
Source: Youtube

We reported a little while ago on the birth of a sacred white buffalo in Western Montana, which is famously a rare and auspicious occasion. But have you ever seen a white moose?

Very uncommon but not unheard of, white moose have recently appeared in Alaska, Canada, Norway and Sweden. The video below was taken in Sweden (we know Sweden's not in Montana, or at least we're pretty sure of it, so please forgive us), and shows the beautiful all-white calmly munching greenery next to a road.

White Moose closeup
Source: Youtube

Even his horns are covered in white velvet, giving him an uncanny appearance.

The moose does not have his color as a result of albinism, but because he has a recessive gene -- if he were albino, he would have red eyes. 

Interestingly, some scientists in Sweden speculate that the animals are growing more common because few hunters have been able to bring themselves to kill the lovely, dream-like moose. As a result of this natural (or is it unnatural?) selection, the gene may be growing more prevalent. But without knowing for sure how many white moose there are now compared to years past, this cannot be confirmed.  

Yet we couldn't find any recent mention of white moose in the contiguous United States - have you ever seen one?

Source: Youtube

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