BACK IN THE DAY: Fall 2019

The Montana State College Bobcat Band in 1936. In uniform, they take on an “M” formation in front of the gym. It looks like the band are all men except for the woman in front. Photo: Gallatin County History Museum
women's basketball
Women’s basketball team. By the early 1900s girls’ basketball was so popular it had spread across the country. UM’s Lady Griz has become known as one of the most successful teams in the country, having won 22 regular season conference championships and made the NCAA tournament 18 times. Photo: Museum of the Rockies Photo Archive
traffic accident
Automobile accident in 1915. No cell phone. Rain. Early cars had thin, bald tires that slipped easily on wet roads. Brakes failed, lights were weak. Despite the difficulties Montanans fell in love with the new freedom that cars afforded. ​ Photo: Museum of the Rockies Photo Archive
family campout
Family camping in the early 1900s. The Huffman family sit before a campfire. Behind the group is a buggy, suggesting a horse is nearby. Leaning against the tree on the left is a fishing pole and creel. Photo: Gallatin County History Museum
taxidermy Butte bank
Butte Bank interior, 1910, with its many taxidermy mounts reflects the wealth of banks in Butte at this time. The Milwaukee Railroad had opened many lands to newcomers and banks were generous in their loans. Butte, large and prosperous from mining, flaunted its riches. Source: Museum of the Rockies Photo Archive