Montanans You Should Know: FLINT RASMUSSEN

DM Interview with Flint Rasmussen –– Rodeo Clown

Born in Havre, Flint Rasmussen is perhaps the most famous “rodeo clown” in the sport of bull riding. Rasmussen and his wife, Katie, have two daughters, Shelby and Paige, and live in Choteau. A former high school math and history teacher, Rasmussen signed a contract with the Professional Bull Riders and provides entertainment at their events. Rasmussen earned the title of PRCA Clown of the Year for eight consecutive years and won the Coors Man in the Can honor seven times. On March 11, 2009, Flint, at the age of 41, suffered a heart attack but was soon back in the arena, enjoying the crowd’s reaction to his antics.

The three best things about making a living as a rodeo clown are... seeing places I would never get to see, entertaining thousands at a time, and usually feeling like I don’t have a “real” job.

The best advice I ever got from my father was... be careful of whose toes you step on, for they may be connected to the ass you have to kiss someday.

You can always get me to laugh if you... do a great impersonation, or you are just a great storyteller of real-life experiences.

I can tell you that to be a rodeo clown takes a lot of... patience, knowledge, and timing.

Don’t be surprised if I tell you... that I like being in front of crowds, but don’t really like being IN crowds.

The funniest thing that ever happened to me at a rodeo was... years ago when I wore the baggy pants and they got stuck around my ankles as a bull was coming after me, so I had to hop to the fence—the comments after were way funnier.

No one knows that I secretly... like a lot of chick flicks, and I know the words to a lot of One Direction songs.

The one thing I do that always gets the crowd going is... my take on the “Riverdance” and some Michael Jackson moves.

After a long day of clowning I like to... have a beverage somewhere quiet and hang with my friends that don’t like to talk about “work.”

The difference between clowning in Montana or New York is... astronomical, and that needs to be understood, and I like to think that is why I have the job.

The greatest influences for my comedy come from... real-life experiences, stand-up comedians, and stage performers...not other rodeo clowns.

The on thing I never find funny is... when someone comes to me with “a joke I can use.”


My first thought when a 2000 pound bull is coming my way is... boy, I am glad I work with great bullfighters, and it isn’t my first responsibility.

After bull riding my favo rite rodeo event is... steer wrestling, and barrel racing (because my girls are good at it.)

After 30 years as a rodeo clown I’m ready to try... being more involved in production, and a little more talk-show hosting on TV.

The riders and rodeo folk I work with are... another family to me, but getting younger all the time.

Yes, it’s true, I’m now a toy “action figure.”
I guess that makes me...
immortal in somebody’s toy box.

I think that growing up in a cowboy household and community made me... creative, active, and appreciative of the amazing childhood
I experienced.

I think I’d like my tombstone to read... “He made our day just a little better.”

The one thing I know for certain about bulls is that... they all have different personalities, and some like to party a little.



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If you don't know who Flint Rasmussen're missing out. He is the rodeo clown for the PBR and provides entertainment and some commentary at may of the events and he is one of my favourtie people. Enjoy his sillyness.

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