Montanans You Should Know: KOSTAS

Kostas Lazarides has written for several country music artists, including Dwight Yoakam, Patty Loveless, and Travis Tritt, and has won eleven awards from Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI). Kostas’s first cut as a songwriter, Timber, I’m Falling in Love, was recorded by Loveless; released as a single in 1989 that went to Number One on the Billboard country charts. Loveless would release three more of his songs as singles: The Lonely Side of Love (1989), On Down the Line (1990), and Blame It On Your Heart (1994). Dwight Yoakam also recorded several songs written by Kostas, including Nothing’s Changed Here, Turn It On, Turn It Up, Turn Me Loose, and Send a Message to My Heart (a duet with Loveless). Kostas wrote singles for McBride & the Ride, Travis Tritt, Holly Dunn, Martina McBride, and The Mavericks. He is a past recipient of the CMA Songwriter of the Year Award.


I’ve written hundreds of songs, but I have to say my favorite is… the one you like.


My most vivid memory of Thessaloniki is about… the folks we left behind.


Even today, no one can convince me that… trains can’t be quieter


Greek music has influenced my…  ability to drink more ouzo.


The American roots of my time playing in bands are from the era when… garage bands ruled the world.


When I hear one of my songs being sung by someone else I… charge them 16 cents for my royalties.


I know I’ve written a good set of lyrics when… I forget them the following day.


When I want a break from music you will probably find me… on my couch with my guitar, working on a song.


I’ve received a bunch of awards over the years, but the one I am most proud of is… the Gallatin County Invisible Man Award presented by the county treasurer.


One day I plan to… get rid of everything I’ve got and move to Browning.


Sometimes I wonder… where in the hell did everybody come from.


When I was a boy in Billings I learned to work hard by… obeying my old man.


The greatest city in America for music is undoubtedly… Belgrade, Montana, cause I live there.


I want to believe that most people think of me as… humble.


If I never made it as a songwriter I would probably be a… jailbird.


Every Greek is a philosopher, and my foundational philosophy is… I’ll tend to mine, you tend to yours.


The last song I wrote was called… Dust. Dust.


Country music today is… in some other country.


When looking back at my life I wonder… where did everybody go?


My life in one sentence… well, it’s... good to be invisible.




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