NEWS: Beartooth Pass Closes This Weekend, So Get In Your Last Minute Drives

Beartooth Pass

There are a few signs that it's really Autumn, now - the preponderance of autumn spice, little monsters dressed in costumes, the first snow-fly, and of course, the closures of our most scenic mountain roads.  

Well, Autumn is here, folks, because this is the weekend that the Beartooth pass closes for five, six, seven, nine -- however many months of winter the Good Lord blesses us with this year.  Although it does tend to reopen on Memorial Day weekend.  

The Wyoming side of the pass closes today, Saturday October 10, at 5 PM.  The Montana side closes the following morning at 7 AM.  

So if you're in the area, go take one last beautiful scenic drive on the pass today, because for the next five months you'll have to settle for Youtube videos of the drive, or for your own pleasant memories thereof.  But you aren't going to be able to drive it, anyway. 

Beartooth Pass

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DARLENE Clark (not verified) , Fri, 11/13/2020 - 19:10
Back in 1970 I was 12 years old . I had a very exciting road trip with my brother and my Grandmother and my Uncle David . We traveled from Michigan to Oregon . In our travels we went through Montana up through Beartooth passage . On our way to Oregon .It was very exciting and very scary ! That was something that has stayed with me and my brother grandmother and Uncle David for years .We talked about that part of our trip many times throughout out the years . Many times when I would see my Uncle he would he would mention our trip and ask me if I was ready to go see Beartooth passage again . He would smile in his most loving way . Knowing that we had such a bond on that trip . My uncle has passed on . Now I read here about Beartooth passage . It means more to me than anything. Being able to experience such a wonderful vacation having driven through Beartooth passage with some of the most important people in my life . It’s a not just a mountain with the most perfect views . It’s a memory that will always mean something very life changing to me .
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