NEWS: Evacuation Ordered as Wildfire threatens the town of Denton in Fergus County.

As of Wednesday, the town of Denton in Fergus County, Montana, has been placed under an evacuation order due to wildfire.  First reported between 11 am and 12 pm on Tuesday, the fire has been stoked by 50 -70 mph winds and has become unmanageable, threatening the whole town.

The Fergus County Sheriff's Office posted "PLEASE STAY OUT OF THE DENTON AREA!!! Highways are closed and evacuations have already taken place. Thank you for your cooperation!” on Wednesday afternoon.

In addition, the FCSO released the following photograph of the blaze, which dramatically captures large structures engulfed in flame.  Many homes have already been lost and power remains out for most of the town.  The 300 or so residents, meanwhile, have been evacuated to Lewistown. 

The working theory is that the fire was caused by fallen power lines, perhaps as a result of the high wind. 

We grieve for the people of Denton, Montana, and we wish them every expediency in their recovery. 

Denton blaze

Source: Fergus County Sheriff's Office

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Lynn Haste (not verified) , Tue, 03/29/2022 - 16:32
This is unbelievable!
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