NEWS: Bigfoot, Is That You? Youtuber Coyote Peterson Claims To Have Discovered "Primate Skull" in British Columbia

Bigfoot skull
Source: Instagram

A popular Youtuber named Coyote Peterson has made a bold claim on Instagram this week. As Montanans are more likely to see Bigfoot than win the lottery, we thought it might be of interest.

Coyote Peterson operates Youtube channel called Brave Wilderness. Broadly educational and family-friendly, Peterson is perhaps best known for letting dangerous insects bite him and recording his agony for the camera. His show has won an Emmy, and he has partnered with Bear Grylls and Discovery on some projects. By this we mean that he's got his reputation at stake. 

Well, we'll let his Instagram post speak for itself: 

BREAKING NEWS: Leaking pics here before they are taken down and before government/official try to cease our footage. Found a large primate skull in British Columbia - filmed it, cut the footage, releasing on @bravewilderness this weekend. Have kept this secret for several weeks… YES I have the skull, its currently in a secure location awaiting primatologist review. Absolutely unreal… we thought it was a bear skull when we found it, I can 100% guarantee it is not. The skull was found partially buried under ground in deep back forest ravine after a massive storm in the Pac Northwest where clearly a bunch of trees and earth were disturbed. I’m sure these pics will be taken down… as will probably the video by government or state park officials… but the skull is safe. I don’t know if its what you all think it might be… but I cannot explain finding a primate skull in the Pac Northwest without wondering! What do you believe?


Instagram post
Source: Instagram

Coyote's Instagram post has already made waves in the Bigfoot community. Professor Jeff Meldrum is a Full Professor of Anatomy and Anthropology in the Department of Biological Sciences at Idaho State University an the author of Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science, has already weighed in: 


Jeff Meldrum

A closer look at the pictures Peterson has provided show a decidedly gorilla-like shape and size, leading some to speculate that its a manufactured resin display piece like that produced by Bone Clones, a company that produces such things for museums and academic institutions.

Bone Clones
Source: Bone Clones

Others have pointed out that, had Peterson really smuggled the bones across the border he would in fact be admitting to a crime via Instagram - especially if the bones do turn out to be those of the legendary Sasquatch, as it would almost certainly be an endangered species. 

As for Peterson claiming that the government is likely to suppress the images, this may be the post's most seemingly fanciful feature - why would the government be covering up the existence of Bigfoot?

Bigfoot skull
Source: Instagram

And yet, rumors persist in the Bigfoot community of just such organized coercion and abuse.  All too often, it is presented as a kind of inversely logical evidence in itself - the evidence was too real, and the powers that be came to get rid of it. 

If revealed to be a hoax, it'll only the latest in a series of Bigfoot hoaxes going back decades

But we're not too callous to admit that some part of us hopes that it does turn out to be something stranger than it appears to be - that is, an ambitious but miscalculated hoax by a media personality attempting to reach audiences he's never broken out with before - and that we'll all remember he weekend of July 9 - 10 as the weekend we learned Bigfoot was real. 

Still, we won't be holding our breath. 


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