News: Third Goring in Yellowstone This Year, Second This Week

Bison in Yellowstone National Park

On Wednesday, June 29, 2022, a woman was gored by a bison in Yellowstone National Park near Storm Point. The 71-year-old woman returned to her vehicle with her daughter when they ran into the bison and caused it to charge. The woman is said to have suffered non-life threatening injuries after the goring. 

Bison can run extremely fast for how big they are. They can run up to 35 mph and are very agile. Most bison live to 20 years old and have bad eyesight but can smell and hear incredibly well. Yellowstone is one of the only places where bison have resided since ancient times. After the near extinction of bison in the 1880s, there were conservation efforts to keep the ungulates around. In Yellowstone, the bison are some of the only genetically pure bison left. They are the largest herd in the country. 

This incident is the second bison goring this week and the third this year. Thankfully the woman will recover after the goring. Bison are unpredictable, and visitors should stay at least 25 yards away from bison and other wildlife. 

Bison on Road in Yellowstone National Park

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