NEWS: Camper Reports Idaho's Second Official Bigfoot Sighting of the Year

Here at Distinctly Montana, we're always anxiously awaiting the next Bigfoot sighting, and some lucky so-and-sos in Idaho have caught a glimpse of the elusive man-beast -- and Bigfoot experts think it could be for real. 

Bigfoot feetWitness Bruce Davenport says he heard a sasquatch about a week ago while he was close to Prospector Creek in Shoshone County in Idaho, and that it was his second anomalous encounter in that area.  The first was over Labor Day weekend in 2012 when Mr. Davenport says he was camping in the area.  It was the evening, and another camper had been chopping wood.  After the other camper stopped chopping Davenport heard a distant knocking, a hallmark of Bigfoot encounters.  Spooked, Davenport starting walking up and down a nearby road.  Finally, he saw something staring at him from a gab in the growth -- something Davenport described as having "big eyes, big face."


Now, eight years later and about 2.5 miles East of the original sighting, Davenport says that he was again camping in an undeveloped campsite.  He was listening to classic rock at the time when he  he noticed "three loud howls" from a steep and wooded area not far away.  He quickly turned off the music and, on a whim, howled back, but there was no answer, and it was quiet for the rest of the night.

The BFRO (Bigfoot Research Organization) investigator is familiar with the area, and judges that "any sounds coming from the north of the last campsite is extremely unlikely to come from a human source since it is nothing but steep forested terrain."

Bigfoot at Sunset

Davenport says he has camped in that area for 20 years and these are the only two eerie encounters he has had in the area that cannot be attributed to known wildlife.  The BFRO researcher, a retired detective of 14 years, seems like a very reliable investigator.  So what do you think?  Is Bigfoot out there?

And when will he stop screwing around in Idaho and come home to Montana?

Bigfoot - I Want To Believe

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Mavis Randell (not verified) , Tue, 08/24/2021 - 09:34
I am new to the big bear, coming from England and never having seen one except in pictures. They look so big and scary.
Northidahosquach (not verified) , Fri, 06/24/2022 - 04:35
Shoshone county idaho over to st Regis Montana is a hot spot for bigfoots, follow any of the numerous creeks that flow from the mountains at an elevation of 3000 feet I am sure you will find there tracks, they roam in groups and are very aware of humans. Have been seeing them in this area since 1969. Last time I seen them was June 2022. There are different tribes of them and they all look different then the other tribes. Some look human in nature, others look like hairy monsters. I have also found that they have some in there groups that have wart frog like skin with little to no hair. They have never showed any signs of violence in 9 years , but I also don't try to push the envelope with them and give them there space.
Tim (not verified) , Wed, 01/10/2024 - 22:29
I can verify this story. I am [email protected] and I finished my 10 year and the creatures are still there
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